Herbs for Pets

Like humans, animals can benefit greatly from natural remedies. All animals know instinctively when and what plants to eat to ensure good health, we all know that cats and dogs eat couch -grass as a way to cleanse their intestines, without any help from us. Your garden can provide a wealth of natural medicines – dandelion, parsley, nettles and garlic among them. Add a little grated raw carrot or some thyme to help dispel worms. A daily dose of garlic, whether fresh or in tablet form (only use veterinary tablets) can greatly boost the immune system, cleanse the whole system and help repel any kind of parasite. Of course you must consult your vet, if your animal is injured or seriously ill, but even then herbs can help soothe the pain and speed up healing. If you want to know more, then Mary Broughton’s Herbal Medicine for Dogs is an excellent start.

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