Natural Hair Colourings

Although not as instant as the chemical formulations, you can buy in a bottle; there are a number of herbal hair colourings available. Most are in the form of an infusion, - pour boiling water over your chosen herb and leave overnight - use as a final rinse after your normal hair washing routine. Regular use over a period of time will have the desired effect.

To brighten blonde hair, use 25g of chamomile flowers infused in approximately 250 ml of water.  There are a number of options for dark hair a combination of sage, rosemary or walnut leaves and tea bags will all add lustre to dark hair, and can darken grey hair with regular use. Hibiscus and nasturtium flowers will give red hair lovely highlights. All these herbal rinses are very gentle on your hair, however if you colour your chemically, check first with just a small section of hair.

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