Remedies for Arthritis

Remedies for Arthritis Did you know that dinosaurs also suffered from arthritis!

Scientists have found evidence in a Pliosaur skeleton dating from 150 million years ago! If you are brave enough and can find some here, stinging nettles offer effective relief from arthritic pain. – the Romans were great fans ! A gentler solution is to peel and slice a 100cm piece of ginger root into a pan of water, bring to the boil and simmer until the water is dark yellow. Strain and add to a warm bath and soak in it. To increase the effect also add some Epsom salts to the water. Ginger boosts circulation and eases joint inflammation. Celery is also good for easing aching joints, particularly if caused by gout. Either eat plenty of celery or make a tea from the seeds. Arthritis is a complex condition and medical advice should always be consulted first.

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