Organic Gardening

Growing your own food successfully


The universal language for naming plants is Latin . However, virtually all plants, both wild and cultivated are also known by a common name , eg. Stinking Roger , Drop Berry, Dog’s Clove, Goosegrass ! to name a few. These common names are usually extremely old and inextricably linked with folklore. The problem with common names is that some plants may have many and may be different in different countries . The herb Horsetail is also known as Mare’s Tail, Shave Grass, Fairy Spindle, Joint Grass , in Spanish Cola de Caballo , and in German Schachtelhalmkraut ! and all are Equisetum arvense!

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Organic Gardening Essentials

Bamboozled by all the jargon? Biodynamics, permaculture, crop rotation, mulching, biodiversity, and so much more!

Before you start digging, there are a number of considerations to take into account when starting to garden organically. The mantra for all organic gardeners is to ‘feed the soil not the plant’, so first things first:

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