Vetiver Grass

Vetiver Grass
Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) is a sterile tropical grass, that is used around the world to control erosion, stabilise slopes and clean up polluted land and water.

First used in India to conserve soil moisture and reduce soil loss. The dense fibrous roots reinforce the soil against erosion and slippage. The roots can grow 3-4m deep in a year, improving the shear strength of the soil. Vetiver is used to  prevent erosion on riverbanks, culverts and slopes.

A natural cost-effective  bio engineering  system, that has been proven again and again around to world . As well as the fibrous roots, the shoots of Vetiver help to disperse rainfall and build up silt levels, allowing native species to colonise the banks and slopes.

Vetiver grows in a wide range of often inhospitable environmental conditions. Vetiver will tolerate and absorb high levels of heavy metals and  N&P which makes it extremely effective at cleaning up polluted land and water.

Vetiver will also tolerate cold conditions,frosts, flooding and will  survice  to -15oC

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