Self-Sufficiency Lifestyle

So you think you want to become self-sufficient! Do you hanker after a simpler, greener less stressful lifestyle ? STOP ! before you leap with both feet, and sail off into the sunset !!, there are some serious decisions to be made. Yes, living a self-sufficient life brings huge rewards, delicious fresh organic food, working closely with nature, the opportunity to work with your hands and develop new skills, but there is also a downside. Mother Nature is not always kind, crops fail for many reasons and all your hard work and your future food may disappear overnight, animals die and just the daily chores of living - getting food, water , wood, fuel – can become demanding.

Living a self-sufficient life is not just about a skills set, it is very much about a mind-set, one which requires deep reserves of resilience, determination and resourcefulness. It is also a lifestyle that impacts upon families, particularly children and so careful consideration of all aspects of living a self-sufficient lifestyle is essential if your dream is to be fulfilled.

How Self-Sufficient do you want to be?

Live off-grid - no mains water, electricity, gas or sewerage

Grow your own food and keep live stock, with the complete lifestyle change that this requires:


Live on-grid in current house and adapt your house, garden and lifestyle to be more self-sufficient in terms of energy, and food !

How to be Self-Sufficient

Energy use – Conduct an energy audit and reduce your usage

Install Renewable Energy options – solar panels, wind turbine, solar water

Water Conservation – reduce, re-use and recycle

Grow Your Own Food – even a small garden can provide a plentiful supply of fruit and vegetables

Waste – reduce, reuse and recycle

Living a greener, more self-sufficient lifestyle is not for the faint hearted, it requires considerable planning, determination, resilience and resourcefulness, however there is a huge BUT as it is one of the most worthwhile, rewarding and satisfying ways of living and is to be recommended to all those who want to enjoy the fruits of their own endeavours.

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