Fragrant garden

One of the most important considerations when planning a fragrant garden is the location. If possible the garden should be in a sheltered spot, preferably surrounded by hedging or fencing, this is to ensure that the fragrance of the plants is trapped and so enhanced for your enjoyment. The joy of herbs is that not only are they often scented , but they are also visually appealing, with an endless variety of shapes, colours, and growth . Whatever size of space you have for your fragrant garden, whether it be a container, balcony, terrace or a designated area, there are suitable plants. Some plants suit small and large spaces, in that case I have included them in the small space section. All herbs are more than willing to release their perfume when the leaves are gently crushed or brushed by in the garden.


ROSEMARY – Rosmarinus officinalis & Rosmarinus officinlais Protratus Group

Both types are excellent in containers, the prostrate variety add an interesting dimension to
containers and a variety of colours from white, through pink to blue

PROSTANTHERA – Prostanthera rotundifolia

Although if left alone this plant will grow into a tree, it is quite happy in a container , and the
perfume is wonderful ( check your area for hardiness)

HYSSOP – Hyssopus officinale

A compact shrub with blue flowers that release their perfume on a warm summer’s evening

SCENTED GERANIUM – Pelargoium spp

There is a huge variety of scented geraniums, Pelargonium graveolens - Rose Geranium is perhaps one of the most popular. It is the leaf of these plants that hold the perfume, so a gentle squeeze will release a delicious scent.

LAVENDER – Lavandula spp

There is a huge variety of Lavender to choose from, most can be grown in containers, however there are some dwarf varieties that are particularly suitable such as Lavender Dwarf Munstead – Lavandula angustifolia ‘ Munstead’

CITRUS TREES – There are now a good selection of dwarf citrus trees, that add a heady perfume to any fragrant garden

EVENING PRIMROSE – Oenothera biennis

Some of the lower growing varieties - such as Oenothera macarocarpa (missouriensis) are suitable for containers. The rather bedraggled flowers come into their own in the evening when they open

THYME – Thymus vulgaris

The scent of Thyme is fresh , with many varieties having a lemon, orange, caraway or even a camphor perfume


All of the above plants can of course be used in the garden, however there are some plants that need more space to grow, than offered by a container

LEMON VERBENA – Aloysia trihylla ( Lippia citriodora)

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of aromatic plants. The leaves just release a scent that makes you smile! It is fresh, lemony, and cleansing and everyone should have on in their fragrant garden

MYRTLE – Myrtus communis

An evergreen shrub, with aromatic leaves and white flowers

WISTERIA – Wisteria sinensis

Not only is the perfume out of this world, but the flowers are also stunning

HONEYSUCKLE – Lonicera spp

There are a huge number of varieties. The rich fragrance lends a heady sense to any garden

JASMINE - Jasminium officinale

Popular for their fragrant flowers the world over

ROSE – Rosa spp

Perhaps the most iconic fragrant flower of all time, that comes is such a bewildering array of varieties, one for every possible location in your fragrant garden

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