Herbs for face

Herbs for face

Many modern cosmetics contain any number of synthetic ingredients, some linked to health concerns. Natural skin care has been around for thousands of years, since early Egyptian times, although whipped ostrich eggs may not find favour today ! Many natural skin care ingredients, can be tailored specifically to an individual skin type or condition and include olive oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, witch hazel, plant essential oils , and honey.

A walk around any herb garden will provide an abundance of natural skin care ingredients, from roses for mature skin, mint and lavender for oily skin, chamomile and calendula for sensitive skin,  apples for spots and grapes to firm skin and carrots to erase wrinkles!


The Greeks and  Romans used olive oil as an effective skin cleanser, rubbing oil into the skin before they entered the baths. A gentle cleanser that melts away make-up and city grime can be made using olive oil, beeswax and geranium essential oil. Heat 75ml of extra virgin olive oil – organic if possible – in a double boiler , add 10 g of beeswax once melted , add 10 drops of geranium essential oil.

Pour into a wide necked sterilised jar. To use massage balm into face and remove with a muslin cloth soaked in hot water, repeat until face is clean. This balm is particularly suitable for dry skins.


Care must always be taken when using toners, so the natural oils are not stripped from the skin.

Lettuce Toner - good for mature skins as it soothes and calms the skin. Pour approximately 300ml of boiling water – if possible rainwater or spring water – over a chopped lettuce – any variety will do. Allow to steep for a few hours or over- night, then strain into a sterilised bottle and seal. Apply with cotton wool , after cleansing for an wonderful skin-softening result.


Not only are there many different skin types, from oily, normal, combination, dry and sensitive, skin changes as we age; from the spot prone skin of teenage years, through to the dryer skin of middle age, not to mention the changes caused by hormones, pregnancy and even stress!

A whole industry has developed looking for the holy grail of the perfect skin moisturiser . Often less is more effective and good skin care should also include diet and exercise as well , if we want to achieve that glowing , healthy skin.

Moisturisers are only part of the solution and should always be put onto clean well exfoliated skin, otherwise you are merely moisturising dead skin !!

Normal Skin – benefits from fruits, lettuce, aloe vera

Dry Skin - loves geranium, rose, borage and avocado

Oily Skin – loves mint, lavender, cucumber and yarrow

Sensitive Skin – likes calendula, chamomile and  rose

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