Introduction to Herbal Remedies

Herbalism has been used to treat man for thousands of years across the world. Western herbal medicine is an eclectic combination of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Chinese influences.
This can make treating yourself with herbal remedies very confusing, if not sometimes dangerous.
It is often said that because herbs are natural they must be safe, this is not always the case; foxgloves, the castor oil plant, and yew to name a few can cause serious problems if not death!
All herbs are toxic in excess and should be treated with caution.

However, there are many herbs you can have in your family herbal medicine cupboard. In fact you can grow your own drugs! as most of these herbs you can grow in your own garden or in containers on a patio.

Self-medication with herbs should only be for minor complaints such as coughs and colds, stomach upsets or cuts and bruises. Babies, pregnant women and the elderly should NEVER, take any herbal remedy unless prescribed by a qualified herbal practitioner.

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