Aches and pains

Aches and pains herbal remedies


Aches and pains seem to go with the territory of being human, although signs of skeletal wear and tear have been discovered on bones of Dinosaurs! Whether you are suffering from arthritis, rheumatism or have pulled a muscle or sprained an ankle there is a range of herbs that can specifically help ease the pain or inflammation.

Arnica – a lovely little yellow alpine plant that has been used for centuries to treat bruises, sprains or strains. Arnica can be bought as a cream or gel, it is a powerful medicine and should never be taken internally

Boswellia – source of Frankincense has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It has anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties . Boswellia is often combined with Turmeric - which contains compounds called curcuminoids that are strongly anti-inflammatory - and is considered an essential in any Indian family first aid kit.

Comfrey – often the traditional name indicates what a herb has been used for , so knitbone, Boneset, Bruisewort are all names that leave you in no doubt what Comfrey has traditionally been used for. A poultice of the fresh leaves are excellent for bruising, sprains, aches and pains. Creams are now available in the absence of fresh leaves. Comfrey must not be taken internally.

Celery – known more for its use in salads, celery is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. The whole plant is beneficial, but it is the seeds that are particularly useful as they help flush out the crystals of uric acid that can build up in joints, making them painful. Eating celery and drinking celery seed tea will help ease the pain of arthritic joints and gout

Nettles – the Romans believed that whipping an arthritic joint with stinging nettles relieves the pain and so brought nettle seeds with them to grow around their camps. A recent study supported the effectiveness of this treatment. Drinking nettle tea can also help eliminate uric acid so further relieving the pain of arthritic joints

Rosemary – used externally to treat rheumatism, arthritis, and muscular aches. Use the essential oil in a massage oil directly on the muscle or joint, or put a few drops of the essential oil in a carrier such as a tablespoon of milk in a hot bath for a more general soak.

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