Mind and Soul

Mind and Soul herbal remedies

Stress is the number one ailment of modern Western-style societies. Instead of turning to caffeine or alcohol, try some great stress-busting herbs, that have been used for centuries to help you unwind.

Lavender - perhaps one of the best known herbs to soothe and calm. An infusion combined with Lemon Balm will help ease tension headaches. A few drops of Lavender essential oil on a pillow at night can relieve insomnia

Lemon Balm – not only does Lemon Balm calm any anxiety, it also lifts the spirits so is especially good as an anti-depressant. Taken as an infusion it makes an excellent restorative tea. Combined with Rose petals , either hot or cold makes a relaxing and mood-enhancing refreshment.

St. John’s Wort - has been scientifically proven to ease the symptoms of mild depression and can be taken in several forms, such as infusions, tinctures or pills. Caution is required as St John’s Wort must not be taken with certain prescribed medicines.

Valerian – known as nature’s sedative. The roots made into a maceration and taken 3 or 4 times a day to treat nervous tension. Taken at night can ease insomnia

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