Young and Elderly

Young and Elderly herbal remedies

Special care has to be taken when using herbs for children and the elderly as they can be more susceptible to the often powerful properties of herbs. Herbs should only be used for the young and elderly for minor complaints.

Chamomile - has several uses, as a eye wash for minor eye irritations and as a calming tea at night. Chamomile tea made from tea-bags and allowed to cool and gently swabbed on the eyes, remembering not to use the same swab for both eyes, to avoid transferring any infection.

Calendula - an infusion is sufficiently gentle to use on children , as an antiseptic on cuts and abrasions.

Gingko – trials have shown that the flavonoids in Gingko are particularly effective in improving circulation to the brain. Used internally for the treatment of dementia and Alzheimers

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